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Do I really need to hire a traffic lawyer?

The decision on whether you should hire a traffic attorney depends on several things. A traffic ticket will potentially have an impact on both your insurance rates and your driver’s license. Most states apply a type of point system that increases points on your driving record with every violation you receive. After a certain amount of points have accumulated on your record, your driver’s license is suspended. Both Illinois and Missouri follow a type of point system, but the rules are slightly different.

Illinois Residents: Most traffic tickets will stay on your record for 4-5 years, but the points you receive only accumulate over a 12 month period. This means that your insurance company will be aware of the violations even if the points themselves are no longer there. Typically the remedy in Illinois is to obtain court supervision to avoid having the traffic ticket on your record. In some cases however, supervision may not be available, or the fine for your violation may be significantly higher, such as violations in construction zones. In these situations it might be to your advantage to hire an attorney to look at your case.

Missouri Residents: Most traffic violations will stay on your record for at least 3 years along with the points from violations that you receive. The points are only reduced after completing a 12 month period with no violations. This means that the points will not reset automatically after a 12 month period, but MAY be reduced only if you have no further violations. Therefore lingering points over the years can add up quickly, resulting in a sudden suspension if you aren’t careful. Therefore it might be to your advantage to hire a traffic attorney, even for a regular speeding ticket, in order to keep points off of your record. Visit Missouri’s Department of Revenue website for more information on Missouri’s Point System.

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