Understanding the St. Louis Missouri ARC Zone and Traffic Tickets

Understanding the St. Louis Missouri ARC Zone and Traffic Tickets

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The ARC Zone, or Accident Reduction Corridor, is a section of Interstate 70 in St. Louis, MO where drivers encounter increased ticketing and higher fines. It is important as a driver that you understand the breadth, purpose, and penalties of The ARC Zone, as well as the types of responses to tickets that are possible.

ARC Zone Definition and Location: The ARC Zone, also known as the Travel Safe Zone, was established to address speeding in response to a high level of car crashes in a 7-mile stretch of I-70 near the airport in St. Louis. St. Ann, Berkeley, Cool Valley, Edmundson, Normandy, Northwoods, Woodson Terrace, and Pine Lawn are the municipalities that comprise the ARC Zone.

ARC Zone Penalties: While the ARC Zone speeding ticket fines will vary by court, they are invariably higher than non-ARC Zone tickets. Here is an example of a price comparison: for driving 71 in a 60 mph zone in the St. Ann ARC Zone, the fine and court costs will be approximately $200 (vs. approximately $71 in a non-ARC Zone). An ARC Zone ticket will add two points to your driving record, which is the same amount as a non-ARC Zone speeding ticket.

Your Options for Responding to an ARC Zone Ticket: If you receive a speeding ticket in the ARC Zone, you have two main options. One is you can plead guilty, pay the increased fine, and get two points added to your driving record. Keep in mind that adding points to your record drives up your insurance rates and that drivers in Missouri who accumulate eight points in 18 months will have their license suspended for 30 days.

Your other option is to hire an attorney who is experienced in amending tickets to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce your ticket to a non-moving infraction. This option typically costs more than the original ticket fine, but adds zero points to your license. You will not have to appear in court.

The ARC Zone of increased enforcement is intended to be permanent in St. Louis and the fines were increased in 2014. Partnering with a skilled lawyer can help you to better understand the ARC Zone and your options for keeping points off of your license.

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